2017 Licensed Ministers Report

Licensed Minister Information


Licensed Minister Questions

    1. Ministry Training Program (Check and Complete Appropriate Blanks)

  • Please list the names and projected graduation dates for any othe Ministry Training Programs in which you are involved.
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  • Please write to the District Executive, providing the number of credit hours, course titles, invoice copy and student account number where funds should be sent. If the funds are to be reimbursed directly to you, you MUST provide a cancelled check and/or copy of a PAID invoice. These payments will ONLY be made directly to the Student's Account at the institution of training or reimbursed directly to students with appropriate written verification.
  • Although the DMC offers financial help in the form of grants which do not need to be repaid, your personal post-graduation contributions to the District Budget will greatly assist us in continuing to make these grants available to the next generation of Ministerial Leadership
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