Nurture & Christian Education


The Nurture Commission shall provide opportunities and encouragement for Christian education within the congregations of the Atlantic Northeast District of the Church of the Brethren. The commission shall also facilitate, support and advocate for the spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health and vitality of the district’s congregations.

Current Commission Members:  Donna Lefever-Hoover, Doug Enck, Ryan Arndt, Jim Holland, Joyce Schnupp

Director of Nurture:  Jess Ross,


Under the umbrella of NURTURE are the ministries of …


March 3, 2018 – Spring Fellowship
Green Tree Church of the Brethren
Speaker: Liz Bidgood Enders
Topic:  Biblical Storytelling

August 19-21, 2018 – Women’s Camp
Camp Swatara



Next JH event…
LOCK IN, February 16-17, 2018, Ephrata Rec Center

Next SH event…
RETREAT, January 19-21, 2018, Camp Swatara



Young Adult Conference
May 25 – 27, 2018
Brethren Woods, Keesletown, Virginia
‘Teach With Your Life,’ 1 Timothy 4:11-16

Young Adult Conference (YAC) offers people ages 18-35 a chance to enjoy fellowship, worship, recreation, Bible study, service projects and more… with other fantastic young adults!



Building Church Leaders

“BCL is produced by Christianity Today, and provides customizable leadership resources for every kind of church ministry.

Our downloadable, easy-to-use Training Tools provide everything you need to prepare a relevant training session in a matter of minutes. Each resource is designed with church boards, committees, staff, or volunteers in mind. You select the topical tool that fits what you want to accomplish, download it, make copies if needed, and lead a discussion with your team or use them for your own personal development.

Whether it’s continuing education or an urgent need, Building Church Leaders provides the best practical ministry insights to help grow leaders into greater Kingdom impact.”

The district holds a subscription to BCL.  You will find featured resources monthly in the ANE Parking Lot.  You can simply email me and request a copy and we can email or mail that to you.  You can also subscribe to their free newsletter (after you click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the newsletter sign up) or browse their website for resources that may be helpful for you and your congregation.


Curriculum News

The Wired Word – “Confront the news with scripture and hope”

Looking for something fresh and new to use in your small group or Sunday School hour?  This adult curriculum is a current events study, complete with scripture and background information. Every week a new issue addressing something that has been in the news is e-mailed to subscribers.  There is a teacher’s guide with additional resources for leading a class discussion, along with a class member’s page that can be copied for each person in the group.  To view a sample lesson, log on to  This is a great way to keep your lessons relevant & interesting for adults of any age!

Curriculum Resources

  • – Church of the Brethren publishing house
  • – if you are involved with the Children’s Ministry in your church in any capacity, check out this site!  It is loaded with tips for Childrens Church, Midweek Programs, Sunday School; bulletin board themes and ideas; seasonal ideas; insights for families, leaders, and teachers, and much more!
  • – a site of free resources created by and for supporters of the Workshop Rotation Mode. Includes an “Ideas & Lessons Exchange” Message Board with over 2100 free WoRM lessons.
  • – crafts, songs, object lessons, games, bulletin board ideas, links to other sites.  Must be a member to access some items.  This site also has a Spanish page!