Senior Adult Ministries

Vision Statement

We believe God is calling us to take his love in concrete ways to senior adults in our churches and our communities. This will be accomplished through regular planned programs and activities, the goals of which are: spiritual growth, community building, health/wellness and recreation.

Senior Adult Ministry is a fairly new ministry for the district. The ministry is still under construction and how it goes and how it grows depends on you folks. Your input is needed as far as what programming and activities you would like. If you have knowledge or talent to share, you are encouraged to do so. Seniors are a valuable but often untapped resource. Do not lose the chance to share the wealth of information, experience and faith you have with others.

Upcoming Events

Please see all of our upcoming events which are listed under the Our Events Menu on the home page.


Wisdom for Widows Ministry

W idows – Comprehend the Bible’s portrayal of God’s heart for the widow
I solation – Learn how to face the biggest obstacle- loneliness
S uffering – Understand how God may use suffering in anyone’s life
D ecision Making – Recognize both difficulties and solutions in making decisions
O vercoming – Know the stages of grief; what to expect; how to work through grief
M arriage – Note some scriptural truths concerning marriage and remarriage

F orgiveness – Work at digging up the roots; the need for forgiveness
O pportunities – Biblical, historical and current ways widows can be used by God
R elationships – Learn how to develop new and deepen old friendships

W ealth – Learn how to cope with much or little; setting financial goals; principles of Biblical stewardship
I ntercession – Use your time more productively and become less withdrawn
D ifferences – Understand how your temperament and spiritual gifts make you different from others
O rganization – Learn the importance of a written plan and how to complete it
W orship – Experiment with the healing ministry of worship
S ervice – Identify specific areas in which you could become involved

Wisdom for Widows Class
*Contact Lititz Church of the Brethren for details on upcoming classes

300 West Orange Street
Lititz, PA 17543
Phone: 717-626-2131


Fellowship Opportunities & Activities

  • Ziegler Tours
    For more information on the trips, please call Earl Ziegler, district trip coordinator at 717 560-6488. Brochures will be sent to interested persons.


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