Hispanic Ministries

Rev. Joel Pena - Alpha and OmegaTraditionally, one might think of the Church of the Brethren as an exclusively Anglo branch of the Christian faith. Though Germanic in origin, this is not the case today in our District! The ANE District is comprised of a variety of ethnicities, including a growing Hispanic segment. We have vibrant congregations or fellowships in most major cities within our region. If you would like to find one of these churches in your area, check out our congregations link or contact the district office.


Alpha and Omega

Lancaster, PA

Iglesia Los Cielos Abiertos Project

Reading, PA

Lirio De Los Valles Fellowship

Lebanon, PA

Nuevo Amanecer Fellowship

Bethlehem, PA

Puerta Del Cielo

Reading, PA

Potter’s House Project

Bayshore, NY

Renacer Leola Fellowship

Leola, PA