ANE District Conference Wrap Up

District Conference is the annual gathering of of Church of the Brethren congregations, fellowships and projects within the Atlantic Northeast District.  District Conference offers an opportunity for fellowship, worship and a chance to participate in important topics related to the district.  The goal is to work together to create spiritually healthy congregations who covenant and network together to further the Kingdom of God.

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OCTOBER 2-3, 2020

District Conference 2020 marked a historical moment for ANE.  Over 140  gathered online on October 2 for our Worship Service that was Livestreamed from the District Office through Microsoft Teams.  This platform enabled our brothers and sisters get
real time closed captioning in English, Spanish, Arabic and Korean.

Karen Hackett, Moderator, prepared the service which included music from Ryan Arndt from West Green Tree CoB.    Harrisburg First’s Praise Band, led by Josiah Ludwick brought the eclectic sounds of their congregation supplying us with a twist to some traditional songs as well as a Spanish piece.  We thank them for their time and effort to make the service meaningful and personal.

Those attending also learned of the District’s Service Project – bcmPEACE.   It is a nonprofit organization that serves the South Allison Hill Community of Harrisburg, and founded by Harrisburg First CoB.  Between online and mailed in donations, the District was able to give bcmPEACE $1,261.  Thank you for your generous gifts.

Eric Landram, Pastor at Lititz COB, provided a message based on Psalm 46, encouraging us to Be still, let go and know God.  He challenged us to embrace the Way Forward initiative presented by the District Board, to listen to each other, and to be honest about what is happening within our District and Denomination.  He also encouraged us to remember for a people living in troubled times that God is our safe place.  He is where our power and hope come from.

District Executive, Pete Kontra celebrated our ministers during a time of Ministry Recognition.  George Snavely of the Elizabethtown congregation was honored for his 50 years in Ministry.

The 2020 District Conference business session on Saturday, October 3 was also held online and livestreamed through Microsoft Teams.  Over 150 people attended which included both Delegates and Non-Delegates.  Brothers and Sisters gathered for 4 + hours to worship and do important District business.  The event included both live and pre-recorded information.

Karen Hackett-Moderator, Scott Moyer-Moderator Elect, Brian Berkey – Parliamentarian, Pete Kontra- District Executive and Jeff Glisson- Board Chair provided a core leadership group stationed at the District Office.

Sue Eikenberry, Way Forward Team Chair, provided a meaningful time together, leading all who attended in a Prayer, Blessing & Release of those
congregations that have withdrawn from the Church of the Brethren.  This was an initial step in the Way Forward Report shared at Conference.  A Way Forward Implementation Team has been established to work with the recommendations and the ANE Board.

The business items were voted upon and all passed.  The rest of the morning was filled with live and pre-recorded reports as well as special moments to reflect and worship.  Harrisburg First’s Praise Band again provided an eclectic time of worship, this time including a couple of South African songs.  Ann Bach, Randy & Audrey Estep provided a video with the “Be Still” song with gorgeous photos of nature that Randy & Audrey took.  We also were treated by Laura Meiser who sang and played “New Wine”.

Question and answer time was given which was via a chat feature, as well as an option of phoning in a question.  For Delegates, real time online voting was
provided- a first for the District.

All-in-all it was a good event.  Was it the best way to gather?  It was for 2020.  We had our share of technical difficulties, but the goal of providing Conference in the most affordable, efficient and meaningful way was achieved.  We look forward to hosting the next District Conference on October 1 & 2, 2021—however that might look like.

The Program & Arrangements Committee meet in November to start to plan for next year.



The candidates that will serve you over the next 1-3 years include the following:

Moderator Elect:   John Hostetter (Lampeter)

Program & Arrangements Committee:  Carolina Izquierdo (Un Nuevo Renacer)

Standing Committee Member:  David Stauffer (East Fairview)

Alternate Standing Committee:  Kim Ream (Ephrata)

District Board Vice-Chair:  Sandy Miller (Ambler)

Church Development and Evangelism Commission:    Andy Hamilton (Stevens Hill), Scott Haldeman (New Beginnings)

Ministry Commission:  Liz Bidgood Enders (Ridgeway), Marvin Foster (Lebanon)

Nurture Commission:  Pat Leiter (Elizabethtown)

Stewardship Commission:  Todd Stoltzfus (East Fairview), Brian Rice (Lititz)

Witness and Outreach Commission:  Deb Krantz (Mechanic Grove)

Gifts Discernment Team:  Sam Frankhouser (Ephrata), Janice Haldeman (Hempfield), Nancy Beck (Green Tree), Ron Finney (Spring Creek)

Camp Swatara:  Michael Shearer (Annville), Mike Myers (Lampeter), Jason Haldeman (Elizabethtown).

Please pray for these individuals as they share their talents, and serve the ANE District with their time. If you are interested or know of anyone that would like to serve in this capacity, please contact the District Office for more information at 717-367-4730.

On behalf of the ANE District Staff and Program & Arrangements Committee, we would like to thank everyone that attended. Thank you for your contribution and participation. We look forward to seeing you next year!


Please mark your calendars now for next year’s 52nd District Conference!

October 1-2, 2021


If you have questions, or would like additional information, please contact the District Office.