ANE District Conference Wrap Up

District Conference is the annual gathering of of Church of the Brethren congregations, fellowships and projects within the Atlantic Northeast District.  District Conference offers an opportunity for fellowship, worship and a chance to participate in important topics related to the district.  The goal is to work together to create spiritually healthy congregations who covenant and network together to further the Kingdom of God.

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OCTOBER 7-8, 2022

District Conference is over, and I hope it was a good meeting. We are always eager to read the evaluation comments. They can be particularly helpful in the preparation for future conferences. But, as a moderator and responsible for facilitating a meeting, you don’t want to hear that you failed miserably, and that it was a dreadful meeting.

Recently, I came across a thought that had me thinking a little different about meetings.  Rick Joyner, talking about Sunday mornings, made a comment that is pertinent to District Conference. He said, “God does not judge the condition or quality of His church by how good the meetings are on Sunday morning, but by how good the people are on Monday morning.”

This is the challenge for me: How do I respond to the actions of District Conference…to the reports…to the challenges brought to us by Pete Kontra, our District Executive and Dave Steele, General Secretary of the Mission and Ministry Board? It seems to me, it is what happens after the meeting that speaks to the value of the meeting. If I close up my District Conference booklet, place it on my shelf, return to normal, the meeting had little or no real impact. However, if I am motivated into a particular action, even if it may not have been a great meeting, it may actually end up being a great because of what it produced.

What would make District Conference a great meeting? With the information shared, what actions will we take moving forward? Here are some thoughts:


  • Have discussions within your church about what the statement “Jesus in our neighborhood” means for us, and to have intentional plans and actions that grow out of that conversation.
  • Be intentional about talking through “the Way Forward” commitment and taking action regarding your church’s commitment to “the Way Forward.”
  • Individuals or churches connect more intentionally to one of the reporting agencies. Reporting agencies were ask to answer the question, “Why should we care?” They gave compelling reports. It is my hope that you and your congregation might have been stirred by a particular report that moves the congregation to greater
  • Take time to read through the “2022 Our Ministries, Our Story” as your church prepares its budget for 2023, respond to support the District Ministry Investment Plan, both individually and as congregations.
  • Respond to the Seeds of Faith report by supporting this Fund
  • Enjoy participation in District ministries such as: Women’s Fellowship, District Youth events, and Older Adult Ministry.
  • Encourage others to hear God’s call to ministry or to respond to a call upon your life.


There are any number of actions that can be motivated by District Conference which I trust each of your congregations will discern. It is my hope that each of our local churches are in prayer, seeking the heart of God to discern God’s mission in for the community in which it exists. But, also importantly, as a District, we relate to one another in a spirit of true humility so together we can put on display the reconciliation that God accomplished in Jesus Christ.

Blessings to each of you,

John Hostetter

Photo credit: Donna Parcell



Please mark your calendars now for next year’s 54th District Conference 2023!

October 6:  Worship Service @TBD
October 7:  Business Session @ The Junction Center


If you have questions, or would like additional information, please contact the District Office.

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